The different between SBR,CR(neoprene)and NBR

The natural rubber has poor abrasion resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. In order to improve the rubber properties people invent synthetic rubber to meet different requirement on the market. But the natural rubber with excellent elastic and fabricability so it still has widely used in daily life and industry. With different chemical composition the rubber will display different physical properties. the SBR,CR(neoprene) and NBR are a family of synthetic rubbers. ALL of their physical properties are different so they be used in different products. Now making a brief introduction on the SBR, Neoprene and NBR material and showing the difference.



SBR is styrenee-butadiene or styrene-butadiene rubber . This material have good abrasion resistance and good aging stability. With high styrene content, the rubbers are harder and less rubbery which is widely used, such as half car tires are made from various types of SBR. The SBR material photo.



CR is chloroprene rubber which trade name is Neoprene the first synthetic rubber. Which is soft and with elastic. Chloroprene rubber typically displays good resistance to ozone cracking, heat aging and to chemical attack. Its flame resistance is excellent.It has many useful properties and a reasonable price. The neoprene material photo.


NBR is acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. It has great resistant to oils and acids and abrasion resistance. It also have great heat temperature but poor cool temperature, ozone resistance and insulation so it’s not a good insulated material . With flexibility and cheaper than the CR neoprene material so some people will like to use it instead of neoprene to lower their cost. The NBR material material.




Weather resistance Gas permeability Ozone resistanc Tear resistance temperature range(º F) Water resistance    Applications
SBR        1.35 Fair to good           fair      poor      Average – 40º F to 180º F      excellent Tires, shoe heels, soles,

gaskets, coated papers

Rubber overshoes






Fair to good








– 40º F to 250 º F



Laptop sleeves, arm sleeve, brace sleeve,koozies, lunch bags, face mask
NBR 0.95 Fair to good excellent poor Good – 70º F to 250 º F Good

Tubing, koozies,

handle cover,o-rings, Pad



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