Neoprene Promotional Gift

multicolor neoprene glasses strap

Neoprene glasses strap can be made in many colors based in your requirement. And can printing your own logo, name or message on it. The neoprene glassed strap can hold your sunglasses when you running, skiing or doing other exercises, with this strap you will never worry about losing your sunglasses. The strap opening will fit most common glasses

Neoprene anti-mosquito wristband for kids

As a giveaway for your promotion business and that will be ok to printing you logo and message on it.  That will be different size for adult and kids. When we play at outdoor take the wristband with us that can help us to drive off mosquitoes.

Neoprene Ice Pop Holder Popsicle

Using Neoprene Ice Pop Holder Popsicle can keep you hand warm and dry. And also keep the ice pop cold. This holder is width enough to move the ice pop easily.

Neoprene Glasses Strap For Sports

Glasses straps as a necessary item for the people who wearing the glass or the sunglasses. When we doing the exercise such as hiking,skiing the glasses straps can protect our glasses well. And the neoprene material which is very soft for us to hang on our neck.

sunglass holder,eyeglass accessories

Sunglass holder is a small eyeglass accessories but very useful item for us. Important some urgent moment can protect our glasses. Especially for the kids, using the glass holder can prevent losing the glass.

sunglass lanyard with neoprene material

sunglass lanyard with neoprene material which is very soft and comfortable when we wearing it. Even be pulled suddenly with the width neoprene we wouldn't get hurt. That's very safe for us and the kids. And that will be ok to print any printing/image or logo on it. Which can also be the fashion item.

Cute Shape Neoprene Popsicle Holder

Using the Neoprene Ice Pop holder can keep your hands warm and dry and ice pop cold when you eating ice pop. Great for the parties and for the kids use it at home.

Freeze Sleeve For Children Eating Ice Pop

using Freeze Sleeve can keep your hands warm and ice pops cold! And it’s easy to slide ice pop into holder and allows you to push ice pop up while eating too. Sized for Zipzicle ice pops but will work with others too.