Neoprene Material

Neoprene Material,Black Neoprene sheet

The neoprene sheet is very comfortable and soft to touch. Easy to clean and very tensile. 2MM and the 3MM thickness neoprene sheet are the common size for us to use on other products so which are always in stock. If want any cutting as sample that will be free and will be sent in one days or two days.

Neoprene rubber sheet

Neoprene rubber sheet size is 130*330cm and with different thickness from 1.5MM to 5MM. Other thickness also Ok but need to customized. For the both side that will be ok to laminated the polyester, polyamide,cotton,lycra fabric according to your required.

Neoprene Sheet

Neoprene Sheet which is soft and easy to be cleaned. A smooth finish general purpose compound with low temperature flexibility and oil resistance. Resists rotting, checking and cracking due to weather exposure.

Neoprene Fabric By The Yard

neoprene fabric is sold by the yard, which about 3 yards for a sheet. For the thickness is from 1.5 MM to 5 MM. The neoprene fabric is insulation and great elastic so can be developed into many different kinds of products. Such as the garment or other giveaways item.

Wetsuit Material & Neoprene Material

Wetsuit material also be called neoprene material. 1 MM thickness is welcomed for most client to make the wetsuit. And always laminated with the polyamide fabric on both side. The polyamide fabric which is more comfortable. As for 1 MM thickness is not the common thickness for us need to be customized. If you want it pls feel free to contact us. We always offer the factory price for you.

Neoprene Mat For Yoga

Neoprene Mat For Yoga with shockproof feature can protect us well when doing Yoga. And which is waterproof and easy to be cleaned. That will be ok to print any printing/image as your required. And all the edges will be stitched and avoiding the edge curling.

Neoprene Foam Laminated For Koozies

Neoprene Foam material with air and low density which is not the same as neoprene fabric but much cheaper than neoprene fabric. Neoprene foam material also insulating. This material also are welcomed to make koozies and other cover as for it's lower price.

Cheap Neoprene Foam Sheets

Neoprene Foam Sheets which is very cheap material to make the koozies, laptop cover or other promotional gift. And this material also shockproof and fireproof. And will be ok to laminated the polyester or polyaimde fabric on both sides.

Heat Resistant Neoprene Roll

Heat Resistant Neoprene Roll has excellent ability to resistance oxygen and ozone. fireproof, oil resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, good air tightness, etc., its physical and mechanical properties better than natural rubber.